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Mar 13, 2013 3:00pm PDT
revenue from the entertainment industry. middle class parisians and tourists in search of fun paid tax when they ate in restaurants, drank in bars, and traveled home in hansom cabs. the pace of modern life was accelerating and lautrec was the artist who saw its impact on public life most clearly. montmartre, its dance halls and cabarets brimming with sensuality and urban edge, set the pace for modern paris. the moulin de la galette was its center. the moulin de la galette was basically a worker's dance hall, and, so, it was kind of the guts of montmartre. it's where the workers went. it's where prostitutes went. it's where the robber would be, and so forth. it was really the heart of, not bohemian life, but of working-class impoverished life in montmartre. (narrator) in moulin de la galette, toulouse-lautrec provided a snap-shot of a seedy, nocturnal world. in the background, a frieze of dancers and their spectators... to the side a policeman keeps the peace. and in the foreground, a watchful quartet-- prostitutes and their pimp-- sizing up prospects. lautrec paints it in a way that no
Mar 21, 2013 3:00pm PDT
significantly to the calorie level for that person, we then are taxing the liver and we're taxing the kidneys. an individual may not be aware of having any kind of liver or kidney problem, but may be pushed over the edge because they're not being medically supervised. ralph cygan: the biggest consequence of diets like this is that it perpetuate the yo-yo cycle of dieting. many of these diets, the patients will lose a few pounds-- they'll lose some water weight perhaps, but then quickly, they'll become very frustrated because there's nothing fundamentally different about their eating behavior, their exercise behavior. it may be that this dieting may be contributing to increased obesity, because in my work, for example, a study i did with african-american women, three generations-- look at the number of times these women have dieted and regained weight. and the more often they have dieted and regained, the higher their weight is. penny weismuller: i would lose weight, but i couldn't learn how to keep it off. and i would gain more weight, and i just got into that cycle that you read abou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2